Whatever it takes - COVID 19 information

In times of crisis-related uncertainty, it is important for us to inform you about how ROBEL is dealing with the current situation. Last update: 01/02/2022, 09:00

22.03.2020 in Press releases

Protecting the health of all employees and their families is at present our most important task. We also see it as our responsibility to maintain the operational functions of our company in order to continue to fulfill our core tasks for the railway infrastructure.
For this reason, we have taken measures at the ROBEL plant in Freilassing that allow us to continue working on your and our joint projects in the safest possible environment:

  • You can reach your ROBEL contact person as usual by e-mail or phone.
  • As of July 2021, production and sales are in full operation.
  • Visits by external persons are subject to approval.
  • Deliveries and collections from the factory take place regularly. Drivers are not allowed to enter the company building.
  • Service technicians and other providers are only admitted to the company building after prior notification and after verification.

We will continue to inform you about any new developments concerning our business operations on this page.
We at ROBEL are standing side by side and, as far as it is possible, continue to make our contribution to track construction together with you.

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