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The high and consistent quality standard of all products and services is an essential part of the corporate values at ROBEL Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH.


At ROBEL, we have all the relevant certifications and approvals, as well as trained and skilled staff.


Professional and standardized processes ensure transparency and stability in our daily work.

This enables us to offer our customers consistently high quality.


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Quality management system


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Quality management system

DIN EN ISO 14001

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Environmental management system


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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility 

DIN EN 15085-2

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Welding of rail vehicles and rail vehicle parts

DIN 6701-2

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Adhesive bonding of rail vehicles and rail vehicle parts

DB Q1 Supplier

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Classification of the delivery capability

DB manufacturer-related product qualifications

Classification of manufacturer-related product qualifications

Terms of Service

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