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Our motivation stems from our drive to find solutions. For over a century ROBEL has turned client needs into new products. Railway construction and maintenance machines from Central Europe for safe track maintenance worldwide.

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What drives ROBEL

“Track construction is hard. Rough. A horror for a graduate. It takes courage to enter the track for the first time. But then it’s full steam ahead. Not one project is the same, each one challenges your skills and abilities. Being part of a team with excellent team spirit helps, also the fact that track construction engineering is a niche area where you soon get to know people and become well connected.”

“The railway sector is still one of these traditional male-dominated areas, which is also reflected in the make-up of the workforce at ROBEL. However, the company has now female employees in almost all departments and they are just as good as their male colleagues. A great future lies ahead for the »green« railway and for us track construction engineers."

“At ROBEL we not only produce parts but build the whole machine. Here you still have the opportunity to experience all work processes, from the metal sheet to electrics and through to paintwork and assembly. It makes one really proud if a new product is commissioned on the in-house track for a client.”

“As an apprentice at ROBEL you join a community of over 30 like-minded apprentices, have your own training workshop and you can always ask colleagues for advice. At the end of your apprenticeship you know all the departments and have a good idea of where in the company you would like to work. Another benefit: due to the size of the company there is a wide range of options open for you. And we have fun, too: we have our mid-morning snacks together and organise day trips and sporting events.”

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