E³ now also for ROBEL machines

The brand for climate and occupational safety

21.09.2021 in Press releases

E³ stands for Economic – Ecologic – Ergonomic, for economic efficiency, pollution control and advanced ergonomics of Plasser & Theurer track maintenance machines. Now, Robel as the first partner company, has adopted the E³ brand for products that live up to the high environmental standards.


At the Railway Fair TRAKO 2021 in Gdańsk, Robel is presenting a group of hand-guided machines with the well-known blue-green logo: the drilling machines, wrenches, rail cutters, band saws and grinding machines that are battery or mains operated are emission-free and ergonomic in accordance with the E³ standard.


“We are very proud of our E³ machines. This demonstrates our commitment to implement our environmental and quality management certification in our products. Wherever you see E³, you have the guarantee of environmentally-friendly drives, operator protection and cost awareness,” says Robel Managing Director Wolfgang R. Fally.


For Plasser & Theurer CEO Johannes Max-Theurer, the focus on green technologies is a key factor for future success: “E³ as a linking element is setting the trend. Independent of the make or size of a machine, it indicates that our companies’ philosophies and directions are attuned to one another. Together we will ensure the leading role of the railway as an environmentally-friendly means of transport.”


At the launch of its E³ products, Robel is starting a symbolic global campaign: for each E³ machine sold, the company together with “One Tree Planted” will plant a tree in the country where the machine will be used.



About the E³ cooperation between Plasser & Theurer and Robel

With the introduction of its E³ brand in 2015, Plasser & Theurer has been among the environmental pioneers in railway infrastructure maintenance. In 2021, an established standard has been transferred to other products manufactured by the group of companies for the first time in the company’s history. Robel Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH as a partner company of Plasser & Theurer Export von Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH has all the prerequisites for adopting E³: the company has been manufacturing battery operated hand-guided track maintenance machines since 2013 and is a driving force in developing alternative drive technologies. Robel is planning to carry out the majority of spot maintenance activities on the track free from emissions by the end of 2021.




Presse contact:

Andrea Lengdobler, +49 8654 609 124, andrea.lengdobler@robel.com

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