High end wrenching – ROBEL 30.73 PSM on track

At the InnoTrans 2016 ROBEL presented a wrenching machine with a precision that caused the German DB to refrain from a review of proper screw connection for the first time in history.

21.03.2018 in Machinery & Tools

maintenance staff in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Argentinia and Switzerland are drawing a first conclusion: This acquisition has been worth it and it will rapidly amortize.


Best on long track sections with convincing  interim results.

  • Unmatched precision of the torque measurement, also at minus temperatures
  • The screw connection fits a 100%, the documentation too.
  • No charges for damages on sleeper, reworks and external calibrations
  • Ergonomic favorite machine: intuitively operated, easily guided


It’s the package that counts


ROBEL developers don’t stop at the machine,  they also deliver a customized transport aid:

  • positioned & lashed – no slip, no tilting
  • Threefold stackable for organized storage and transport
  • Everything has it’s place from outrigger to toolbox