Hydraulic Rail Stressor

24.70 The modular concept for generating neutral rail stress during welding and stressing work.

  • Safe and easy operation
  • Low weight of individual components
  • Simple fitting, no lifting gear required
  • Can be driven over when fitted in some instances
  • Hydraulic power supply due to two-stage hand pump, dual hydraulic power pack ROPOWER 76.02 with HONDA motor or dual hydraulic power pack ROPOWER 76.20 E³ with ROBEL battery
  • Flexibility due to configurable modular system

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Standard Hydraulic hollow piston 3rd Rail
Max. tensile force 700 kN 700 kN 700 kN
Max. compressive force 400 kN / kN / kN
Travel Alu 380 mm 200 mm 380 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) in installed condition 2650 x 1120 x 375 mm 2500 x 1010 x 375 mm 3070 x 930 x 375 mm
Draw bar
Type Standard Threaded rods Standard / yoke in work area
Length from 1500 mm 2000 mm Work area 850 mm
Obstructionless installation possible Yes Yes No
Threaded bars can be used in any combination
Heaviest individual component 33 kg 33 kg 33 kg
Hydraulic hand pump 23 kg 23 kg 23 kg
Hydraulic power pack 76.02 Dual from 44 kg 76.02 Dual from 44 kg 76.02 Dual from 44 kg
76.20 E³ Dual from 38 kg excl. battery 76.20 E³ Dual from 38 kg excl. battery 76.20 E³ Dual from 38 kg excl. battery
Weight battery 6,3 kg 6,3 kg 6,3 kg
Pressure intensifier unit 15 kg 15 kg 15 kg

"All of the equipment that ROBEL have sent to us has been very good quality and have been worth the price. I am impressed at the amount of engineering that going into each tool that I have purchased. I am especially happy with the ROSTRESS pullers that we bought as this is giving us some really good flexibility to complete our destressing. [...]” (Montreal Track Constructors, 2020)

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Hydraulic Rail Stressor

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