Hydraulic Rail Stressor

24.70 For stressing, pressing and keeping rails in neutral length during welding

  • Safe and comfortable operation due to light-weight components and centring blocks – 33 kg max. per component
  • Saves time – no tools required for installation, no lifting gear required
  • Due to the obstructionless design it is possible to drive over it when fitted
  • Flexible arrangement of yokes allows for a wide range of uses
  • Great flexibility – modular system components can be freely selected
  • Option for use in 3rd rail area
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Standard Headline Hydraulic hollow piston Headline 3rd Rail Headline
Max. tensile force 700 kN 700 kN 700 kN
Max. compressive force 400 kN
Travel Steel 200 mm / Alu 380 mm 200 mm 380 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) in installed condition 2650 x 1120 x 375 mm 2500 x 1010 x 375 mm 3070 x 930 x 375 mm
Draw bar
Type Standard Threaded bars Standard / Yoke
Length ~ 1500 mm 2500 mm or 4000 mm
Threaded bars can be used in any combination
Total Weight
Heaviest individual component ~33 kg ~33 kg ~33 kg
Hydraulic hand pump ~55 kg ~55 kg ~55 kg
Hydraulic power pack ~67 kg ~67 kg ~67 kg
Pressure intensifier unit ~15 kg ~15 kg ~15 kg
Obstructionless installation possible Yes Yes No

Hydraulic Rail Stressor

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