ROMIS System

Mobile Maintenance System

The mobile workshop for new quality in track maintenance. Working safely and profitably, achieving maximum results.

  • Safety thanks to all-round protection in work area
  • Optimised transport logistics saves time
  • All work processes within the system
  • Short set-up and shut-down times
  • Adjacent track and overhead line remain open
  • No emissions at the machine operator position
  • Independent power supply for the whole unit
  • Reduced noise, light and environmental pollution

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Total length 74,2 m
Gauge 1435 mm
Max. Workspace with extended side walls 72 m²
Max. axle load 18 - 22,5 t
Max. load ROMIS Store 20 t
Lifting force crane each 2,5 t
Lifting force liftgate 1,5 t
Max. driving speed 100 km/h
Platform Clearance Gauge UIC 505-1_Ziffer 6.1_6.2_6.3
Noise protection TSI Noise
Approval TSI, EN
Approval for Europe

Which components does the Mobile Maintenance System consist of?

ROMIS Work. Mobile Maintenance Unit (MMU)

  • Protected work area with direct access to the track
  • Extending side walls
  • Operator’s desk for manoeuvring the unit
  • Glare-free lighting
  • Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic supply


ROMIS Supply. Traction and Supply Unit (TSU)

  • Self-sufficient mess area
  • Crew room for 11 persons
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Workshop with shelves, work bench and cupboards
  • Generator for supplying the whole train formation
  • Gangway to maintenance unit and intermediate wagon


ROMIS Store. Intermediate Wagon (IW)

  • Room for storage and transport of machines and building materials
  • Two high-performance crane modules transport material to and from the MMU
  • Loading and unloading via hydraulic tail lift or folding side wall

What type of maintenance work can be carried out with the Mobile Maintenance System?

  • Changing track components (e.g. base plates, clips, pads and inserts, etc.)
  • Maintaining and replacing insulated rail joints
  • Maintaining rail joints
  • Rail replacement (up to 15 m length, max. 6 rails)
  • Rail welding process (alumino-thermic)
  • Repairing switches and crossings
  • Exchange of switch mechanism, stretcher bars and associated S&T equipment
  • Track geometry repairs
  • Ultrasonic rail testing
  • Change of single sleepers (manual)
  • Re-ballasting of wet beds
  • Sleeper squaring
  • Inspection of balise (e.g. train protection system) or other track-based equipment

What are the potential savings of the Mobile Maintenance System?

  • Cost reduction due to optimum utilisation of possessions
  • Safety measures, such as lookouts, visual and audible warning devices are no longer necessary
  • Fast transport of materials to the worksite, short set-up and shut-down times
  • Machines and tools are always ready to use
  • No separate set-up of power supply required, e.g. for site illumination
  • Complex work processes possible within the system, e.g. changing closure rails
  • Extended tool and material storage for several shifts

How does the Mobile Maintenance System change track maintenance?

  • No additional means of transport/ no reloading on the worksite required: the train is loaded in the depot and travels directly to the worksite
  • Work can start promptly, the adjacent track remains open, overhead line does not have to be isolated.
  • Direct access to the track: no loading and pushing of trolleys, no manual transport of material to the worksite
  • Lighting and power supply are available straight away
  • Fully equipped crew room with sanitary facilities: no more walking to the van
  • Automated working methods/production lines for efficient and safe working

What variants/modules of the Mobile Maintenance System are available?

  • For short distances
    ROMIS Work Light (69.50) + ROMIS Supply (69.40)
  • For longer distances
    ROMIS Work Light (69.50) + ROMIS Store (69.45) + ROMIS Supply (69.40)
    With material and machine storage
  • For longer distances, working with closure rails and switches and crossings
    3-part UIC
    ROMIS Work UIC (69.60) + ROMIS Store (69.45) + ROMIS Supply (69.40)
    With material and machine storage and additional high-performance crane module for closure rails and S&C components
  • For tunnels, urban areas and welding crews
    3-part Compact
    ROMIS Work Comp (69.60) + ROCLEAN Flushing Wagon + RORUNNER (54.22/24)
    Maintenance system in compact design with optionally available crew room in double decker design, e.g. for drain clearing work in tunnels.

Mobile Maintenance System

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