Ballast Wagon

High loading capacity. Accurate re-ballasting.

  • Targeted re-ballasting with 4 chutes per silo, delivering ballast as required
  • Continuous and regulated of ballast delivery with remote controlled ballast chutes
  • Double sided control station for bi - direction working
  • Urban material transport (Can negotiate tight radius curves down to 25m)
  • Short braking distances with electromagnetic rail brake, disc brakes and sander equipment

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Max. total mass 38,7 t
Weight 21,7 t
Payload 17 t
Max. axle load 10 t
Gauge 1435 mm
Frame frame upper edge (platform area) 1120 mm
Total length 15 m
Total width 2,63 m
Frame width 2,4 m
Superelevation max. 180 mm
Max. driving speed 60 km/h km/h
King pin distance 8500 mm
Approval BOStrab, EBOA
Relevant standards EN 14033, BOStrab, EBOA

Ballast Wagon

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