Rail Exchange System

40.61 / 40.63 Brings rails to the track quickly, safely and in rolling mill quality. Latest loading technology from over 50 years experience in rail loading train design.

  • Safe loading and unloading of long-welded rails
  • Preserves rail quality during transport and loading
  • Maximum process speed
  • Minimum staff requirement
  • Reproducible work result
  • Always within the bending and stress limits

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Rail Manipulator ROMAN 250 Rail Manipulator ROMAN 500
Drive 4-cylinder diesel engine 6-cylinder diesel engine
Max. tractive effort Diesel, hydrostatic at 20 km/h: 11,8 kN at 0-4 km/h: 3,3 kN mechanical: 32 kN Diesel, hydrostatic at 10 km/h:17 kN at 0-4 km/h: 62 kN mechanical: 32 kN
Weight 12 t 15 t
Number of rails depending on kinematic envelope max. 50 max. 50
Rail weight/m up to 70 kg up to 70 kg
Lifting capacity at 3.7 m reach 15 kN 15 kN
Slewing force 1 kN 1 kN
Rail length up to 250 m 500 m

"The new rail loading unit is another big step towards maximum flexibility and efficiency: with the different gauges we do not only serve our own train sets, but also those of ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) and DB (German Federal Railways) with one and the same loading system. We expect considerable savings in logistics.“

Matthias Schauer, construction manager of track construction machines at Swietelsky

What components does ROREXS Rail Train consist of?


  • is used for loading and unloading rails onto/from the transport unit
  • has a separate hydrostatic drive
  • secures the rails against tilting with the rail clamps.



  • guides rails to/from the transport unit during loading and unloading
  • consists of a wagon with a bogie or with a single axle
  • loading and unloading via the two side chutes at the sleeper heads or via the centre chutes at the centre of track
  • has a turning device for the rail manipulator.



  • stores rails safely during transport
  • has roller banks at defined spacing
  • has clamping racks on both ends to secure the rails
  • allows for length compensation for the crane rails when travelling in curves
  • secures rails with parallel walls at both ends.

What lengths of rail can be transported with the ROREXS?

The system transports and manipulates

  • a maximum of 50 rails
  • with a weight of up to 70 kg/m and
  • a length of up to 500 metres.

What are the minimum radii of action during loading and unloading?

The universal roller heads of the ROREXS prevent the rail from tilting during loading and unloading in radii of action of min. 180 metres.

What is the loading performance of the ROREXS?

ROREXS can unload approx. 2,700 metres of rail per hour, within the stress and bending limits.

How many operators are required for the ROREXS?

The whole loading and transport process requires four operators, unloading can be done by one operator.

The optionally available automated rail clamping and roller banks reduce the amount of manual work on the transport device to a minimum and at the same time increase work safety.

Rail Exchange System

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