TfL: Modern maintenance for London's Elizabeth line

Transport for London (TfL) uses the flexibly configurable vehicle system for the inspection and maintenance of urban tunnel infrastructure in tight time windows.

  • One train for all maintenance work in the tunnel
  • Switch exchange and pass rail change within short blocking breaks
  • 1 track vehicle with loading area
  • Sewer cleaning, overhead line maintenance, infrastructure measurement, fault intervention
  • 2 track cars with crew cars and removable switch transport module
  • 1 track vehicle with loading crane and work basket
  • Safe transport of operators, machines and materials
  • 3 trailers with devices for scissor lift, cable drum, measuring system etc.

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

"Robel and Plasser UK have demonstrated their ability to innovate new solutions throughout this project. Their concept for switch rail changes using a gantry system, deployed directly from the train, working around the wagons to deliver, install and remove the scrap was particularly impressive, addressing a key maintenance challenge. The system worked correctly first time at the recent successful Factory Acceptance Tests in Salzburg. It has been a great experience working with Plasser UK and Robel and I’m excited to see the trains start work on the Elizabeth line.”

Stuart Hines-Randle, TfL Yellow Plant Project Manager



“TfL challenged us to develop a versatile maintenance concept. Robel, applying their special skill in delivering customized solutions, have designed and produced a modular vehicle system which exceeded the case study targets. Plasser UK, Robel and TfL worked in close collaboration, integrating user suggestions throughout the whole project. The result is a solution that delights the customer.“

Mark Simmons, CEO Plasser UK

What are the benefits of the RORUNNER system?

One system for all tunnel maintenance needs

  • Customizable vehicle system with work modules
  • Inspection and maintenance in short time frames with quick and easy workflow


Quick, versatile and efficient

  • Replacement of rails and switches in confined space
  • Transport of 18 to 36 meter switches
  • Drainage cleaning
  • Catenary maintenance
  • Emergency vehicle recovery
  • User-friendly workflow


Safe transport of operators, equipment and materials

  • Messroom for up to 10 people
  • Safe tunnel working environment

Which components do the RORUNNER systems for Elizabeth line include?


1 track vehicle with multi-purpose flatbed loading area

1 transport wagon

1 track vehicle with messroom for 10 workers



1 track vehicle with crane and workman basket or hydraulic rail tongue attachment

1 transport wagon

1 track vehicle with messroom for 10 workers


1 transport wagon adapted for the installation of measurement equipment for rail condition testing


Work units:


RODRAIN drainage cleaning system

ROPORT wire drum

ROHOIST scissor lift

ROLIFT mobile exchange system with 6 gantries

Which maintenance tasks will be done by the RORUNNER systems for the Elizabeth line?

  • Inspection, maintenace and exchange of overhead catenary system
  • Replacement of switches
  • Replacement of rails up to 20 meters
  • Drainage cleaning
  • Emergency recovery of rail vehicles
  • Inspection and maintenance of tunnel infrastructure
  • Cleaning of glass elements in stations
  • Transport of people, equipment and materials

How does the mobile exchange system work?

One of the key issues in urban rail maintenance is the lack of space when loading or unloading switches or rails within tunnel confines. The modular on-off loading device of the mobile exchange system secures to the platform with twist locks when needed and unloads the preassembled gantries.

Project schedule

Order placement: August 2016


Construction: September 2016 - Juli 2017


Factory acceptance test: May 2018


Delivery: August 2018

Which countries already certified this configuration of the RORUNNER System?

Certification: Great Britain

Kinematic envelope: W6A, G1, Crossrail Structural Gauge

TfL: Modern maintenance for London's Elizabeth line

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