URMA Rail / Maintenance turn into ROBEL France

ROBEL strengthens its position in France

12.09.2019 in Company

The Robel Group continues to grow – following Robel North America, now also Robel France goes operational. From 10 July 2019 the Robel Holding GmbH (formerly Deutsche Plasser Holding GmbH) hold 80 percent of the newly founded Robel France SAS in Burnhaupt-le-Haut (Alsace). The former Robel commercial agency for France, URMA Rail as well as the associated service point URMA Maintenance with all collaborators, completely merge into Robel France.  URMA managing director Catherine Bischoff, also shareholder of Robel France, resumes the general managment of the new company.


For Catherine Bischoff all signs indicate growth: „For many years, Robel have been a known quantity in French rail infrastructure and there is big potential for the German track construction machines. The foundation of Robel France as independent subsidiary is therefore the next logical step in the development of the brand and another strong impulse for our succesful cooperation.“


With immediate effect, Robel France take over the distribution of the complete product portfolio consisting of hand operated machines, track vehicles and maintenance systems as well as the leasing and service of small machinery in France.

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