The ROBEL Top 3 against particulate matter and noise

Everyone talks about emissions. What currently lets emotions run high in metropolitan areas, is everyday life for railway constructors.

21.03.2018 in Machinery & Tools

If you have ever worked in a tunnel with ventilation running at full speed, you can tell about the extreme strain exhaust gases, noise and dust can cause.


Over all tracks there is calm. Blame it on battery power.


The construction site gets significantly cleaner and  quieter with battery-powered machines. The electric motors used are

  • low vibration all-rounders
  • maintenance free
  • immediately applicable


This not only increases mobility, but also working speed and operator comfort. It goes without saying that battery and charger fits on every machine. Swiss tunnel experts have recognized the potential: SBB uses ROBEL battery wrenching and drilling machines nationwide for underground maintenance.


The Top 3 ROBEL emission savers:

  • RODRILL B Battery powered Rail Drilling Machine
  • ROSAW B Battery Powered Rail Band Saw
  • ROMPACT B Battery Powered Impact Wrench
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