ROBEL wins Network Rail Award for most innovative small plant

News Release: The Network Rail Plant Awards are annually assigned to outstanding companies in the rail plant supply chain.

12.07.2018 in Press releases

This year’s award for new products that deliver benefits in terms of reliability, safety and performance was given to the Hybrid Rail Head Grinding Machine ROGRIND HF Head – currently the only modular grinding machine in the market.


„This award recognizes how collaboration between supplier and client to develop product improvement and mange risk has been successful with the Robel Rail Profile Grinder ROGRIND HF Head“ says British network operator Network Rail (NR). Up to 2019, the new, lightweight high frequency grinding machines are going to replace the aging fleet across network operations in Great Britain.


For Otto Widlroither, head of Robel business unit Machinery & Tools,  this is the proof that product development works best in interaction of corporate know-how and practical knowledge provided by the client: „The claim was to increase ergonomics, facilitate transport and operation and at the same time improve the work result. Together with NR and our representative Plasser UK we managed to deliver a solution for all three targets combined in one machine.“


Network Rail Plant Awards
The Network Rail Plant Awards are annually assigned to outstanding companies in the rail plant supply chain during the Rail Live Exhibition in Warwickshire.


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Image source: Rail Alliance

Network Rail Plant Award 2018 for Plasser UK/Robel  (ltr):
Adrian Gale, Engineering Sales Manager Plasser UK
Tim Stafford, Robel Business Manager Plasser UK
Caroline Blockley, Robel Business Coordinator Plasser UK
Ben Brooks, High Output Alliance Director Network Rail

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