ROBEL gives space to ideas

ROBEL is the host of the exchange of experiences (Erfa) round of the Berchtesgadener Land Wirtschaftsservice GmbH

10.05.2019 in Press releases

Successful entrepreneurs do not just need visions and products which are in great demand. Self-confidence, social skills and resilience in crisis situations are just as important. In the Erfa round of the Berchtesgadener Land Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (BGLW) at ROBEL, young founders and entrepreneurs talked about what makes a company successful.


The ROBEL story is a textbook example of a successful founder. In 1901 Entrepreneur Karl Langkammerer put on the central element of the then industrial revolution, the railway. The visionary founded the track-laying machine factory Georg Robel & Co for the production of hand-operated track-laying machines - a classic start-up that already numbered 300 employees 20 years later and significantly influenced work on the track. Langkammerer and his successors have never rested on their success. "Continuous improvement is a matter of course for us," said Manuela Ruhland, Head of Business Development, at the Erfa Round. The ROBEL developers have plenty of room to develop and implement visionary ideas. In the current digital revolution, ROBEL is aiming for fully automated production processes.


Consistently high energy and discipline are important prerequisites for a successful entrepreneur. In addition, they have the ability to think strategically and have the confidence to get up again after a set back and correct the course if necessary. This was confirmed by the participants in the subsequent workshop, moderated by BGLW guide for founders Jasmin Klünsner. Visions and special knowledge are not enough. Entrepreneurs must be able to derive a success strategy from this. Social skills are essential. An entrepreneur must radiate confidence and be open to new ideas, was the unanimous opinion. "The culture of a company is strongly influenced by the values ​​and behaviors of its leadership. Entrepreneurs should be clear about the fact that the operating success of their interests, their attitudes and ultimately their personal stability is affected, "said Jasmin Klünsner as a conclusion of the event.

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