Munich municipal utilities order six hybrid track vehicles

New development of electric work vehicles for underground railway operations

11.10.2021 in Press releases

Robel Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH (Robel) is going to supply six four-axle work vehicles for maintenance work in tunnels to the Munich municipal utilities company Stadtwerke München GmbH (SWM). The vehicles will be delivered by mid 2024.


SWM took the decision in favour of a new, low-emission drive solution: transit to the worksite will be emission-free using pantographs and the third rail on the side, a battery will supply the power for working mode and crane operation, and an additional diesel generator will be available for long shifts. This sets the trend for working on the urban infrastructure and is a milestone in technological development for Robel.


With its new set of vehicles, SWM will standardise and upgrade its vehicle fleet to position itself for the rising need for renewal and maintenance of its underground railway lines. Another key incentive for this large order is the planned reduction of airborne and noise emissions resulting in noticeable improvement of the environmental and working conditions in tunnels.


Ingo Wortmann, Chairman of the Board of Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft: “Increased frequencies and new lines in the underground network are a prerequisite for a successful shift of transport policy in Munich. That’s why the requirements for maintenance and servicing of our infrastructure will rise in future. With the new vehicles from Robel we will create the capacities required for this. We are particularly pleased that we can now also rely on lower emissions in the battery powered drive technology for the maintenance using track vehicles.”


Wolfgang R. Fally, Managing Director of Robel Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH: “Acting environmentally aware has always been a big driving force for us, both at our premises and on the track. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that one of our long-standing partners, SWM, has decided in favour of our urban hybrid special solutions and that our first electric track vehicles will be deployed not far from us.”


As multi-function vehicles, the new track vehicles will take on transport and traction tasks, taking into consideration ramps with maximum gradients. As the Munich underground network does not have any facilities for turning, all units are designed for bi-directional working, with a crane on both vehicle ends and loading platforms on both sides.


Back in April 2021, SWM also ordered six two-axle trailers and two four-axle flat wagons from Robel to meet its increased demand for transport tasks.


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