High Pressure Power Pack

76.02 To power ROSTRESS 24.70 Hydraulic Rail Stressor and ROTRIM 14.10 Hydraulic Weld Trimmer

  • Low space requirement for transport and storage due to compact design
  • Protection of components from damage
  • Speedy operation due to automatic changeover from low pressure range to high pressure range
  • Mechanically coded connectins rule out misuse
  • Use of a second rail stressor possible due to integrated shut-off valves in the hose kit

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Single Dual
Drive 4-stroke petrol engine 4-stroke petrol engine
Output 2,3 kW 2,3 kW
Pressure supply 550 bar 550 bar + 670 bar
Dimensions (L x W x H) 650 x 365 x 395 mm 650 x 365 x 395 mm
Total Weight (without carrying handles, without hoses) ab 38,0 kg (without carrying handles, without hoses) ab 44,7 kg
Drive for ROTRIM 14.10 for ROTRIM 14.10 + ROSTRESS 24.70
Optional equipment Emergency hand pump: no Emergency hand pump: yes (optional)

High Pressure Power Pack

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