Rail Loader

Synchronous loading and unloading of rails of up to 40 m length in a very short time. The operator controls all cranes from a safe position.

  • Easy assembly on all regular flat wagons
  • Immediately ready to use without levelling of cranes
  • High safety thanks to remote control crane operation
  • Integrated slewing stop for open adjacent track
  • Synchronous travelling crabs, even in superelevations and in wet conditions
  • Loading and unloading on both sides in one work process
  • Synchronisation protects rails and sleepers
  • From the individual unit to the complete modular system

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Lifting power 900 - 1500 kg
Rail length up to 40 m
Max. superelevation 180 mm
Crane range approx. 2,6 m
Automation options Automatic remote control operation of the crane

How many ROLOADs do I need?

Due to stipulated bending and stress limits it is recommended to install a ROLOAD unit every 10 m of rail length. The cranes are operated synchronously via radio remote control. If required, cranes can be controlled individually.

How is the ROLOAD installed?

Installation is quick and easy and can be done on all standard flat wagons without affecting the wagon approval.

Fixing variants:

  • Clamping devices
  • Stop chains
  • Standardised container mounting

This allows individual adjustment to any wagon of any width (2.60 - 3.10 m).

Where can ROLOAD be installed?

Variable use depending on client requirement:

  • Set-up and dismantling on public wagons
  • Integrated in ROBEL wagons
  • Loading of rails via gantry crane or forklift
  • Designed for 900 to 1500 kg lifting capacity (e.g. for switch components)
  • Manual or electric control of cranes

A flexibly moving counterweight is used to balance the permitted distribution of the overall load. The cranes can be repositioned in one work process without any aids and laborious set-up procedures.

Can ROLOAD also be used in tunnels?

Das System kann auf verschiedene Arbeitsmodi eingestellt werden. Im Tunnelmodus fährt der Teleskopausleger automatisch nur bis zur vordefinierten Länge aus.

Why should stress and bending limits be adhered to?

The synchronised loading and unloading process prevents the rail from turning, tilting and strong deformation. Costs due to damaged rail and further maintenance work do not apply.

Rail Loader

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