Electric Precision Power Wrench E³

30.76 E³ For fully electric tightening or loosening of all screw connections with very large operating range.

  • Lightweight, ideally balanced
  • Battery drvie: high efficiency even for longer track sections
  • Up to 5000 wrenching cycles (depnding on type of track, condition of track, torque required etc.)
  • Folding and height-adjustable guide handles
  • Intelligent wrenching machine, self-learning and intuitive control with target/actual comparison
  • Machine adhusts to track quality automatically
  • Very low torque adjustable: from 100 Nm
  • High tightening / loosening torque for rusty rail fastenings and for dismantling screws

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Drive BLDC electric motor
Output 7.5 kW
Spindle speed max. 200 rpm
Rapid loosening torque max. 900 Nm
Tightening torque indicator 100 - 500 Nm
No. of wrenching cycles up to 5000* per battery charge
Transport position 1200 x 510 x 720 mm
Working position 2000-2200 x 660 x 720 mm (extendable)
Weight from 80 kg
Weight battery 16 kg
Fahrwerk Monorail trolleys with outrigger and transverse bogies available for all gauges

Electric Precision Power Wrench E³

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