Universal Power Wrench

30.82RKS For tightening and loosening nuts and sleeper, hook and fishplate bolts.

  • Fast wrenching. Optimum result.
  • Intuitive setting of torque via potentiometer
  • No-maintenance electronic disc clutch
  • Selction between two gears depending on stiffness of screw
  • Quick-change chuck for fast change of socke
  • Conversion kit for new controls available for version 5 machines
  • High throughout due to high spindle speed
  • Perfectly illuminated working area

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Version 5 Version 23
Drive 4-stroke petrol engine 4-stroke petrol engine
Type Honda GX 200 Honda GX 200
Output 4.3 kW 4,3 kW
Spindle speed
No-load speed 200 rpm 200 rpm
Load speed 70 rpm 70 rpm
Adjustment range for screwing in 150 Nm to 350 Nm/420 Nm to 999 Nm Nm 150 Nm to 350 Nm/420 Nm to 950 Nm Nm
Loosening/tightening torque max. 1000/ max. 950 Nm max. 1000/ max. 1000 Nm
Dimensions working settings (L x W x H) 1950 x 707 x 800 mm 1950 x 707 x 800 mm
Dimensions transport settings (L x W x H) 1490 x 707 x 540 mm 1490 x 707 x 800 mm
Weight from 93 kg from 93 kg

What are the benefits of a multi-disc clutch?

ROBEL's Kupplungs-System (RKS - ROBEL clutch system) features an electrically operated and electronically monitored multi-disc clutch.

At identical outer dimensions, the discs provide nine times as much active clutch surface as in a cone clutch system, for example. Positive effects are noticeable in the torques transmitted and in the accuracy of engaging the clutch:


  • exact torque transmission
  • enhanced wrenching accuracy
  • reduced wear
  • improved stability
  • low servicing needs

How does the integrated display and control element work?

The central panel comprises

  • an electronic torque indicator and
  • torques preselected by a rotary potentiometer knob.
  1. Use the rotary knob to preselect the torque – you don't even need to take off your work gloves,
  2. place the flexible screw head on the fixing material to be tightened and
  3. start wrenching by pressing the thumb push-button on the right handle.


At a spindle speed of 200 rpm, adjustable torques range from 150 to 350 Nm and up to 999 Nm at 70 rpm.

As soon as the preset torque value is reached, the display lights up and the wrenching process is automatically stopped.


  • The torque reliably equals the selected value which is obtained almost without operator involvement.
  • Moreover, the time the clutch is engaged is automatically minimised,
  • which has a positive effect on the run and wear of the machine.


The digital LED display

  • can be read well at any time
  • is extremely sturdy
  • is waterproof and installed in a way that inhibits vibrations


The equipment also features an electronic operating hour counter; enter the correct code to see

  • the operating hours worked so far,
  • the number of motor starts,
  • the loosening and tightening cycles.

Universal Power Wrench

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