Rail Heater

66.01 To heat up rails to the required temperature by introducing heat into the rail with the burner equipment for thermite welding.

  • Height adjustment of burner to control the heat transfer
  • High and fast transfer of energy
  • Low space requirement during transport and storage
  • High safety due to integrated fire extinguisher on the frame
  • Low work effort to neutralise the rail compared to drawing the rail

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Standard-Version Two-Tank-Version
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3400 x 710 x 840 mm 3400 x 710 x 840 mm
Dimensions transport settings (L x W x H) 2300 x 590 x 880 2300 x 590 x 880
Weight 92 kg 95 kg
Weight without gas tank 83 kg 86 kg
Suitable for 1 propane tank (33 kg) 2 propane tanks (10,5 kg each)

Rail Heater

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