Rail Heater

66.01 To create the nominal rail temperature for length compensation before welding. Also available in a divisible version.

  • High heat output due to liquid gas extraction
  • Low gas consumption with constant heat output due to optimised burner position and adapted guard plates.
  • Precise positioning due to graduated setting of burner distance.
  • Heat protection of track due to adjustable burner distance
  • Valves and coupling suitable and tested for the application required in the liquid phase and for operation.
  • Ergonomic due to adjustable handles
  • Standard-compliant carrying due to carrying handles on burner unit and base frame (EN13977)
  • Easy transport and higher ergonomics with divisible design.

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Version 05 Version 06 Version 07
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3400 x 730 x 890 mm 3400 x 730 x 890 mm 3220 x 735 x 800 mm
Dimensions transport settings (L x W x H) 2300 x 730 x 890 2300 x 730 x 890 1355 x 735 x 640
Burner unit 1560 x 635 x 295
Version Guide plate removable Guide plate removable Frame and burner unit divisible
Weight without gas tank from 92 kg from 96 kg from 86 kg
burner unit from 34 kg
frame from 52 kg
Suitable for 1 propane cylinder (from 33 kg) 2 propane cylinder (10,5 kg each) 1 propane cylinder (from 33 kg)

Rail Heater

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