Track Lifting Machine with Slewing Device

47.230 For lifting and lining tracks or entire track panels with radio remote control.

  • High lifting capacity and slewing force
  • For lifting and lining ballasted and non-ballasted track panels (when tamping tracks)
  • For lifting rails, for example to replace rail pads
  • Version available with radio remote control and many other advantages
  • Remote control connected to machine by radio or by cable

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Engine one-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine, special sound-insulated design "Silent Pac"
Lifting power 200 kN
Lifting height continuously adjustable to 750 mm
Slewing force 42.5 kN
Slewing range continuously adjustable to 260 mm
Gauge 1435 mm
Other gauges on request
Driving speed
Travel transfer: up to 15 km/h
Working mode (via remote control): up to 5 km/h
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2000 x 2900 x 1700 mm
Weight (without auxiliary equipment) from 2400 kg

Track Lifting Machine with Slewing Device

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