Track Lifting Machine with Slewing Device

47.230 To lift, line and slew tracks or entire track panels for new placement or repair work.

  • For all roadbeds and tracks
  • Lifts/slews complete track panels in just one workstep
  • Strong, durable and silent
  • Easy to transport/position
  • Ergonomic control platform with weather protection
  • Relief valves at the lift cylinders prevent load letdown
  • Ballast scraper keeps running surface clear
  • Optional seat heating

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

Engine air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine, special sound-insulated design "Silent Pac"
Output 7.2 kW at 2000 rpm (9.8 hp)
Fuel tank capacity 10 l
Lifting power 200 kN (20 t) at 150 bar
Lifting height continuously adjustable 0 to 900 mm
Slewing force 42.5 kN (4.25 t) at 150 bar
Slewing range continuously adjustable 0 to 230 mm mm
Gauge 1435 mm
Self-propelled speed continuously adjustable, forward and reverse 0 to 13 km/h km/h
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1700 x 3120 x 1950 mm
Weight (without auxiliary equipment) ~1600
Upon request for additional charge Different track gauges, tarpaulin and much more

What are the fields of application for ROALIGN?

  • Track tamping
  • Insulated joint maintenance
  • Lifting rails to replace rail pads
  • Lifting work on switches
  • Lifting and slewing entire track panels

How does ROALIGN improve the ease of use?

  • Flexible push-fit rubber wheels enable turning and unrailing at level crossings
  • Optimum lifting point for transport due to lifting cross member
  • Rail tongs lift rail horizontally
  • 12 V socket
  • Engine stop button
  • Hydraulic oil filter with contamination indicator and replaceable filter element

How does ROALIGN improve work safety?

  • Optimised safeguards on hydraulic hoses, grease nipples, valves, adapters etc.
  • Protection from weather due to easily adjustable and removable roof
  • Exhaust gas routing away from the operator
  • Special sound-insolated design "Silent Pac"

Track Lifting Machine with Slewing Device

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