Rail Cutter

13.86 For efficient cutting of maximum strength rails.

  • Rail can be cut from both sides without changeover
  • Relieves the operator thanks to supporting spring on the guide arm
  • Precise positioning at the cutting point due to kerf indicator
  • Easy starting of engine thanks to Smart Start decompression equipment
  • Sturdy and light aluminium guide frame
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Spark protection of cutting disc continuously adjustable

Please check the product sheet () for further information and accessories.

ROCUT 13.86 ROCUT 13.86
Drive 2-stroke petrol engine 2-stroke petrol engine
Type Husqvarna Husqvarna
Output 5,8kW 5,8kW
Cutting disc diameter 300 mm 350 mm
Cutting rate about from 1 min/cut from 1 min/cut
49E1 up to 6 cuts/disc up to 8 cuts/disc
Motor cutter from 16 kg from 16.8 kg
Guide frame from 11.2 kg from 11.2 kg
Cutting disc from 0.5 kg from 0,8 kg
Total Weight from 27.1 kg from 28.8 kg

Rail Cutter

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