Electrical Rail Cutter

13.90 For fast and economical cutting of rails of the maximum strength.

  • Lightweight and stable cut-off machine due to lightweight aluminum construction
  • Cutting rails without reclamping from both sides with sparks flying downwards
  • Multi Drive Technology: One machine, various drive options
  • Extended field of application in tunnels and urban areas
  • Other applications include: Vignol, grooved, and crane rails (claw is adjustable up to 120 mm rail head width)
  • Stable Aluminum articulated arm with Hardox claw
  • Articulated arm supports machine weight and relieves the operator
  • Cutting capacity approx. 16 cuts at UIC 60 rail/battery charge (depending on rail profile, cutting disc, operator etc.)
Drive BLDC-Engine
Output 6,6 kW Cutting Disc Diameter: 5450 1/min Max. cutting disc speed: 22,2 mm
Cutting disc diameter 350 mm/14“ mm
Cutting rate about approx 1 min/cut at UIC60 rail min/cut
49E1 Up tp 8 cuts/disc cuts/disc
60E1 Up to 6 cuts/disc cuts/disc
Weight Rail Cutter: 18,0 kg Aluminum articulated arm: 9,0 kg Cutting disc: 0,8 kg Total weight: 27,8 kg
Weight Battery 2300 Wh: 16,0 kg Power supply 400 Volt: 18,0 kg
Dimension 765 x 330 x 490 mm (LxBxH)

Electrical Rail Cutter

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