Sleeper Laying Unit

For precise unloading, transporting and laying of all types of single sleepers.

  • Fully automatic single sleeper laying
  • One-man operation
  • Simultaneous lifting or lowering of beam at full speed
  • Precise laying of the sleepers
  • Protecting ballast bed and sleeper quality
  • Suitable for work on short, medium and long sections of track
Drive hydrostatic driving drive, 4-cylinder diesel engine 116 kW
Lifting power 13 t
Lifting speed 12 m/min
Laying capacity approx. 5 s / Sleeper
Gauge of service rails 3450 mm
Accuracy of laying down sleepers max. +/- 9 mm
Max. driving speed 22 km/h
Max. negotiable gradient 40 ‰
Weight 18 t
Max. sleeper pick-up capacity 20 concrete sleepers / 24 wooden sleepers
Max. length of track panel at deconstruction 13 m

Sleeper Laying Unit

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