For transporting sleepers, building materials, cable drums, escalators, switch cabinets, cleaning appliances and construction machines in the low-floor area.

  • Very short braking distances due to magnetic track brakes and disc brakes
  • Own electrical supply as well as anti-slip security
  • Twist Lock System allows easy module replacement
Max. total mass 39,9 t
Weight 20,5 t
Payload 16,8 t
Max. axle load 10 t
Gauge 1435 mm
Frame upper edge (low-floor area) 460 mm
Total length 15,5 m
Total width approx. 2,64 m
Frame width 2400 mm
Superelevation to max. 180 mm
Max. driving speed 60 km/h (trailed with a train) km/h
King pin distance 9000 mm
Approval BOStrab, EBOA
Relevant standards DIN EN ISO 12100, EN 14033, BOStrab, EBOA


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