Tamping Machine

Precise tamping for permanent passenger comfort. More track stability and homogeneous sleeper support due to reduced voiding and therefore reduced dynamic effects on the overall system.

  • Homogenous ballast compaction
  • Linear control allows a precise motion
  • Compact design
  • LED work lights on all sides
  • Fully automated
  • Combined lift and lining function
Self-propelled speed 25 km/h
Braking Hydraulic spring loaded brake
Wheel distance 2900 mm
Output ~ 100 kW, depending on number of tamping heads (Basic 55 kw)
Dimensions (L x W x H) depending on configuration, from 5680 x 2250 x 2896 mm
Weight from 5,6 t
Gauge 900 - 1676 mm
Approval Machinery directive CE marking, EN 15955 in combination with national approvals

Tamping Machine

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