Track Vehicle

Track car with versatile combination options for use on all railway systems with mixed operation, especially in urban and peri-urban environment for new construction and maintenance.

  • Vehicle with bogies
  • Low level of motorisation
  • Can also be used as a single vehicle with auxiliary driver's cab
  • High acceleration
  • Powerful as shunting locomotives and interference interventions
  • Safe transport of personnel, materials and equipment
  • Integrated breaking concept
Drive 3-axle-drive hydrostatically, multiple traction capable, 6-cylinder diesel engine 390 kW
Weight 37 t
Payload max. 2 t
Max. tractive effort 0-40 km/h, 100 kN; 0-60 km/h, 50 kN
Braking pneumatic direct/indirect, spring-loaded, magnetic rail brake, Anti-slip and skid protection (anti-slip also active when towing)
Gauge 1435 mm
Approval BOStrab, EBO-A
Platform Clearance Gauge KVB, SWVB, HGK
Crane data PK 11502 B with height limitation and counter track barrier
Crane moment 11,5 mt
Lifting moment 10,2 mt
Crane range 10,2 (870kg) m
Lifting power 2380kg (4,3m)

Track Vehicle

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