ROWRENCH 8Synch Unit

8-Spindle Precision Wrenching Unit

30.75 Tightens and loosens up to eight rail fastenings fully automated in one work process. Fast, precise and flexible in use.

  • Measurable high synchronous and torque accuracy
  • Synchronous wrenching for tensioning clamp units
  • Digital control of wrenching torques
  • Simply wrenching in gauge-independent position
  • Can be combined with different energy sources
  • Rail tongs fix illuminated wrenching unit
  • Electronic recording device
  • Optional data storage and evaluation on PC
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Working speed approx. 600 m/h
Axle base 1950 mm
Diameter, running wheels ø 340 mm
ROBEL Track Vehicle or similar, Road-rail digger, Road-rail vehicle, e.g. Unimog, Integration in track renewal train, Standalone machine
electr. 24 V, DC/60 Ampere
Hydraulic output required 60 kW
Hydrostatic drive 0 - 1,0 km/h
Weight ~2300 kg

8-Spindle Precision Wrenching Unit

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