Mobile Positioning System

For quick exchange of rails, switch and crossing units in confined location

  • Automated deployment and pre-assembled gantries allow shorter maintenance periods
  • Electrically operated gantries allow careful handling of rails and switch parts
  • Electric motors allow to operate emission-free
  • Replace cranes or large machines
  • Operation via remote controll
Lifting capacity 1000 kg
Lifting height 2300 mm
Slew range 4850 mm
Weight (per portal) approx. 550 kg
Switch radius arbitrarily, as long as no lifting load is exceeded
Personnel / time requirement Setting up equipment: 1 driver and 3 workers - 6 min.

"Robel and Plasser UK have demonstrated their ability to innovate new solutions throughout this project. Their concept for switch rail changes using a gantry system, deployed directly from the train, working around the wagons to deliver, install and remove the scrap was particularly impressive, addressing a key maintenance challenge. The system worked correctly first time at the recent successful Factory Acceptance Tests in Salzburg. It has been a great experience working with Plasser UK and Robel and I’m excited to see the trains start work on the Elizabeth line.”

Stuart Hines-Randle, TfL Yellow Plant Project Manager

Mobile Positioning System

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