Drainage Cleaning System

Independent cleaning module for drainage clearance and cleaning tasks.

  • Twist lock connection
  • High-performance pumps for efficient cleaning
  • Independence through self-sufficient energy supply
  • Platform for maintenance purposes
Mount Twist Lock
Drive self-sufficient 48 kW, water-cooled diesel incl. particulate filter system, EU emission standard 4
Tank volume 3000 l fresh water, 7000 l service water
Flow High pressure pump 60 l/min at 170 bar, vacuum pump 9700 l/min
Weight 8 t empty, 18 t filled
Hose length High pressure hose 50/80 m, suction hose 15 m
Scenarios Pumping out surface water, cleaning the sewer systems, cleaning glass walls or stops
Noise 75 at a distance of 7,5 m dB
Relevant standards GMRT 2400, EN 14033–1, EN 12663-1, EN 12663-2, DVS 1612, EN 15085, EN 15663, VDI 2230, RIS 1702, EN 45545, EN 50121-3

Drainage Cleaning System

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