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Maintenance/ full service/ service agreements

Maintenance & periodical inspection

Vehicle-specific servicing intervals maintain the machine's functionality and reliability. ROBEL tailors a servicing plan for every product.

Our trained team make periodical inspections in our own factory. As a manufacturer and service partner, ROBEL considers easy access for servicing and failure analysis when designing the machine already.

  • Factory-owned cranes and lifting equipment safely lift heavy machinery for maintenance operations in the bottom part of the machines.
  • Accurately clocked servicing and mounting processes and the availability of spares ensure that all deadlines are met.
  • We provide our own tracks and links to the public railway network for setting up and testing overhauled machines.
  • Upon customer request, we will also upgrade machines on our site for servicing to the latest level of development.

Full service

Upon the customer's request, ROBEL not only sells the machine but also a fine-tuned 10-year service contract to ensure:

  • faultless operativeness for the entire service life,
  • maximum readiness for operation and
  • longer service life of the machine.

Service agreement

Referencing ROBEL's servicing plan, the customer decides the detailed services to be rendered by ROBEL:

  • Motor service
  • Work units
  • Wheelsets etc.

Repairs/fault mending

 RORUNNER System ROBEL Transport System

Since machine downtimes are costly, you expect your service partner to respond immediately and to mend faults timely. All you need to do is to give ROBEL a call:

  • The vehicle's history shows all problems that occurred since you put the machine into service.
  • At the control panel, the driver can also check the list of alarms to immediately locate the problem.
  • Trained ROBEL engineers will find the fault and its causes while still on the phone.
  • The spares placed on the service vehicle will match the electric/pneumatic/hydraulic/mechanical fault discovered.
  • In order to put the unit back into service as quickly as possible, our service engineers will mend the fault without red tape right on the track.


Knowing your equipment means to use it efficiently. Professional maintenance and repair help you avoid machine downtimes.

ROBEL offers:

  • training as part of commissioning and
  • product and service training.

Operators are instructed by very experienced experts: hands-on and intelligible operation and maintenance directions. Every plus in employee training will further reduce the risk of accidents and the probability of maloperation.

ROBEL provides:

  • electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical training,
  • theoretical and practical on-board training to prepare you for external exams,
  • knowledge of how to use spare parts catalogues,
  • operator and service technician training,
  • training on-site the customer's or
  • in our own factory or on our own tracks (e.g. testing of brakes and work assemblies)

ROBEL considers training a never-ending process:

  • Periodic additional training reduces operator faults and the need for repairs.
  • Your trainer remains your personal contact person available for you for the entire life of the product.

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