Revision/ Retrofit

Revision/ Retrofit

Revision of systems & vehicles

Revision and retrofit extend the machine life. ROBEL is certified to the strictest European standards. To ensure a high level of service quality, we use calibrated measuring equipment and OEM documents for everything we do.

Prevention - revision and periodical inspection

To keep your machine up and running, abide by the statutory periodical maintenance after 8 or 6 years (e.g. § 32 of the EBO). Prevention discovers and removes signs of wear and defects before they turn into a real problem.

ROBEL revises

  • wheelsets
  • bogies and
  • entire machines.

A new lease of life – ROBEL retrofit

Retrofitting is an economic alternative to new investments: ROBEL replaces older components by technological advancements, retrofits machines and installs extra functions – tailored to your needs and always within economic feasibility. What you get is innovative technology in a healthy structure and at a fair price.

Following retrofitting your railway construction vehicle with new hydraulics, electrics and/or a new engine, you will put it back into continuous duty for the next 15 to 20 years:

  • no readmission
  • no time-consuming training
  • at significantly reduced costs of maintenance

Accident repairs

 RORUNNER Track Vehicle 54.22

Reliability and experience of the chosen service station are of vital importance after accidents such as derailments or collisions of railway construction vehicles. ROBEL will timely complete all tasks involved in our own factory – from fault investigation to approval for continued use:

  • rapid damage assessment for the insurer
  • end-to-end repair quotation
  • very fast overhaul
  • OEM spares from stock or
  • made according to the original drawings
  • restoring the original state pursuant to accident repair regulations
  • on-site testing and inspection

ROBEL Contact

Steiner, Florian

Service Team Revisions, Retrofit, Post-accident Repairs for Systems & Vehicles



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