Rail De-Stressing Machine

26.01 To remove stresses from the rail by striking the rail head sides.

  • Exact adjusting of the impact point
  • Power can be continuously adjusted
  • Low maintenance due to centrifugal clutch
  • Guard over hammer unit
  • Deadman’s brake on both sides
  • Emergency stop push-buttons
  • Can be operated in both directions
  • LED lighting provides perfect illumination of the work area
Air-cooled four-stroke engine Honda GX 200
Output at 3600 rpm 4.1 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2660 x 1240 x 970 mm
Gauge 1435 mm
Weight ~250 kg
Number of impacts via throttle activation continuously adjustable, 45 - 60 impacts per rail at engine speed of 3000 - 3600 rpm

Rail De-Stressing Machine

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