Sighting and Levelling Unit

82.07 For determining the longitudinal and cross level as well as for all levelling tasks.

  • Precise work in one- and two-millimetre graduation
  • Marked minus zone of level slide
  • Tilting device for additional use as sighting facility
Total Weight ~13 kg
Telescope magnification 24-fach -fold
Lens opening 36 mm
Shortest adjusting distance ~400 mm
Adjusting distance ~1,2mm auf 30m
Rotation range with micro adjustment 360° °
System height above top of rail 1300 mm
Tilting range +/-40 %
Scale graduation 1
Measuring range of basic scale +-800 mm
Measuring range of adjustable level slide + 150mm / - 100 mm

Sighting and Levelling Unit

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