Rail Mover

43.02 For lifting and moving rails of any length in combination with other ROBEL machines.

  • Can be moved longitudinally and laterally
  • Easy height adjustment of cross beam
  • Effortless transport due to easy dismantling
  • Easily manageable due to folding carrying handles and running rollers
Max. lifting capacity 1.5 t
Max. vertical travel 800 mm
Running distance of travelling crab 1900 mm
Support width 2240 mm
Max. head width of rail 75 mm
Max. head height of rail 45 mm
Designation ROBEL 41.04 travelling crab with rack and pinion and hook ROBEL 42.10 roller tongs Cross beam Upright
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1150 x 360 x 310 mm 305 x 270 x 165 mm 2450 x 210 x 130 mm 1180 x 700 x 130 mm
Total Weight ~24 kg ~16 kg ~45 kg ~16 kg

Rail Mover

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