ROGRIND Switch 1.0

Switch Grinding and Deburring Machine

13.61 For grinding of built-up welds as well as for deburring rail heads and switches

  • Precise working thanks to adjustable settings
  • Particularly large working area
  • Check rail guidance for bridging the clearance in the frog point area to ensure linear grinding
  • Greater stability due to double holder of the 4 insulated flange rollers (divided)
  • Design allows for a good view of the grinding area
  • Low maintenance due to power transfer via ribbed V-belt
  • Can be used on switch blades, crossing frogs, stock rails and check rails
  • Optional use on grooved rails for trams
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Drive 4-stroke petrol engine Electric motor
Type Honda GX 200 400 V, 50 Hz
Output 4.1 kW at 3800 rpm 3 kW at 2880 rpm
Cup wheel
Outside diameter 260 mm
Bore x thickness 120 mm x 25 mm
Max. swivel range 32° in both directions ˚
Grinding disc speed 3500 rpm 3100 rpm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2360 x 1200 x 930 mm
Weight machine ~87,4 kg ~96,4 kg
Weight outrigger ~11 kg ~11 kg
Weight Grinding disc ~2,6 kg ~2,6 kg
Total Weight ~101 kg ~110 kg

Switch Grinding and Deburring Machine

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