Rail Loading and Transport Unit

40.51 Transporting Transports and loading loads of short rails within the construction side site

  • Can be coupled with different towing vehicles
  • Combined loaders moves rails up to 26m
  • Time savings realized through loading on both sides
  • Exact rail positioning on track
  • Transport on two floors saves space
  • Automatic rail clamp with safety lock
  • Referring to DIN EN 15954
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Max. load capacity per unit 10 t
Lifting capacity per travelling crab 550 kg
Corresponds to 8.3 m rail with 65 kg / meter
Max. driving speed 20 km/h
Running wheel diameter 250 mm
Wheel base 1435 mm
Total Weight 1510 kg
Maximum inclination for parking brake 8 ‰
Smallest drivable radius 50 m
Spring-loaded switches or similar devices must not be run over.

What is the fundamental difference between ROLOAD Light and ROLOAD E Synch?


  • Chassis with rail loader is coupled to towing vehicle
  • Loading of rails up to 26 m
  • Manual loading process by hand crank
  • Designed for operation within in the construction site with max. 20 km/h drawing and pushing speed



  • Mountable on all regular flat wagons
  • Loading of rails up to 120 m
  • Electric motors drive synchronous loading cranes
  • Suitable for the transport of rails over longer distances at the permissible speed of the flat wagons

Why and how did ROBEL implement DIN EN 15954 with ROLOAD Light?

ROLOAD Light is a not self-driven machine which is towed on rail wheels. If used  on construction or service tracks the machine has to comply with DIN EN 15954.


  • ROLOAD Light has a wheelbase of 1,435 mm. It complies with the norm, which requires a distance in gauge or wider. The unit becomes safer regarding derailing and tilting.
  • It is equipped with a trailer coupling mounted on both sides and a connecting rod for the correct coupling to towing vehicles by default.
  • ROBEL names standard tie rods for a proper combination of several ROLOAD Light.
  • The design of ROLOAD Light limits the pulling speed to 20 km / h.  A separate and continuous braking system according to the standard is not required therefore.
  • A fixed parking brake allows parking at a maximum inclination of 8 ‰.
  • ROLOAD Light is CE marked.

Which towing vehicles fits for ROLOAD Light?

ROLOAD Light is equipped with a two-sided trailer hitch and can be towed by:

  • Track vehicle
  • Excavator
  • Locomotive


The maximum permissible pulling and pushing speed of ROLOAD Light is 20 km / h.

Which rail lengths can be handled by ROLOAD Light?

The number of connected ROLOAD Light determines the possible rail length.


            Example for vignol rail sections 115RE, S45, S49 oder UIC60:


Combination of 2 ROLOAD:                       Moves rails up to 14 meters

Combination of 3 ROLOAD:                       Moves rails up to 20 meters

Combination of 4 ROLOAD:                       Moves rails up to 26 meters


  • Permitted number of rails per combination: maximum 16 pieces
  • Maximum weight of rail per combination: 65 kg/m.


Accessories for additional loading options on request!

How many ROLAOD Light are necessary?

  • At least 2 ROLOAD Light are required for loading and moving rails.


    The maximum allowed combination is 4 ROLOAD Light.

Rail Loading and Transport Unit

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