Rail Web Grinding Machine

13.03 For derusting and grinding of the rail web to enable a continuous current flow of the flash welder or to prepare an insulated rail joint

  • Accurately adjustable grinding angle allows for precise working
  • High operator safety thanks to rotatable protective hood in front of the grinding wheel
  • Transverse travelling gear allows for easy travel and positioning of the machine
  • Rollers made of insulated material prevent transfer of electricity
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Drive 4-stroke petrol engine Electric motor 400 V/50 Hz
Type HONDA GX 270
Output 6.3 kW at 3600 rpm 4 kW /50 Hz at 2900 rpm
Grinding disc speed 4500 rpm 3600 rpm
Profile grinding wheel for rails from S49 Headline
Outside diameter 135 mm
Inside diameter (holder) 25,4 (1")
Height 90 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Machine 1800 x 600 x 1100 mm
Travelling gear 1850 x 530 x 200 mm
Weight transverse travelling gear ~25 kg ~25 kg
Weight machine ~95 kg ~98 kg

Rail Web Grinding Machine

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