Rail Head Grinding Machine

13.44 Compact and powerful grinding machine for quickly and accurately restoring the rail head profile.

  • Swivel bow for operation from either side
  • For welded joints and deposit-welded wheel treads
  • More profiling per shift
  • Vibration-proof clamping
  • Latched tilt angle
  • Used from conurbations to free rural lines
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Drive 4-stroke petrol engine 2-stroke petrol engine Electric motor, three-phase current
Type ROBEL 190 Minsel 400 V, 50 Hz
Output 3,8 kW at 4000 rpm 4,9 kW at 4500 rpm 2,7 kW at 2850 rpm
Grinding disc speed 4400 rpm 4500 rpm 4250 rpm
Grinding disc with M20 central nut attachment
Outside diameter 125 mm
Inside diameter 55 mm
Height 60 mm
Max. permissible circumferential speed 50 m/s
Roller spacing 1000 mm
Grinding disc infeed, continuously adjustable 70 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1020 x 680 x 690 mm
Weight ~59 kg ~60 kg ~64 kg

What do I use ROGRIND 1.0 for?

  • For restoring the profile of welded joints
  • For deposit-welded tread and lateral faces
  • On free rural lines
  • In conurbations (electric version)
  • In tunnels (electric version)

Why doesn't the motor reside on the spindle?

The 2-stroke, 4-stroke or 400 V electric motor drives a separately mounted V-belt pulley which in turn drives the grinding shaft.

  • This is reducing vibrations,
  • produces a more homogeneous cross section,
  • exposes the grindstone to less wear and
  • protects the motor from impact.
  • At every step of the grinding process, a perfect view of your work is retained.

How do I set / replace the cup wheel?

A fixing nut on the grinding spindle sets the bottom limit of grindstone motion. Aim for a spindle stiffness setting which stops the cup wheel from turning downward by its own weight and the machine vibrations while maintaining a smooth spindle movement.


There is no vertical play of the cup wheel. When setting the cup wheel, the handwheel's rotary motion thus fully translates into a change in height equivalent to the fine-tuning feel needed for finishing.


The nut in the middle of the grinding shaft makes cup wheel replacement quick and easy.

Rail Head Grinding Machine

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