Rail Cutter

13.70 For fast and efficient cutting of maximum strength rails

  • Accurate working thanks to precise determination of the cutting point with kerf indicator
  • Short cutting times of approx. 1 minute
  • Flying sparks are controlled and cutting discs are used in an optimum manner thanks to re-clamping concept
  • Flexible use: cutting also possible using articulated arm
  • Cutting method from above and at an angle downwards relieves the operator
  • Easy starting of engines with Smart Start decompression equipment
  • Safe working thanks to centrifugal clutch and pre-tensioned and continuously adjustable spark protection
  • V-belt tensioning does not require disassembly of casing
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Drive Air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine Air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine
Type Husqvarna 3122 K Husqvarna K1260 Rail
Output 5.8 kW at 9750 rpm 5.8 kW at 9500 rpm
Cutting disc diameter 350 mm 400 mm
Max. cutting disc speed 5400 rpm 4700 rpm
Max. permissible circumferential speed 100 m/s 100 m/s
Cutting rate about ~ 1 min/cut ~ 1 min/cut
49E1 up to 8 cuts/disc up to 10 cuts/disc
60E1 up to 6 cuts/disc up to 8 cuts/disc
Guide frame ~8 kg ~5.5 kg
Motor cutter ~17 kg ~15.6 kg
Cutting disc ~0.8 kg ~1.3 kg
Total Weight ~25.8 kg ~22.4 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 800 x 400 x 400 mm 900 x 250 x 480 mm

Rail Cutter

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