Modular Clipping Machine

34.02 For applying and removing clip fastenings using the appropriate PowerPack and required module

  • Fast and simple combination of PowerPacks (medium size) with any available module
  • Easy and quick changeover from application to removal tool increases the throughput
  • Reduced damage to fasteners and insulators due to high-quality tool
  • Return on investment due to increased machine availability
  • Versatile due to modular design
  • Safe operation due to integrated protective functions, such as 2-hand operation and deadman‘s brake
  • Ergonomic working due to balanced load distribution and low hand/arm vibrations
  • LED light allows for clear view of the work area
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Power packs
Drive Honda GX 200 Honda GX 270 Hatz 1B30 Hatz 1B30
Type petrol petrol diesel diesel E-Start
Output 4.1 kW at 3800 rpm 6.3 kW at 3800 rpm 5.4 kW at 3600 rpm 5.4 kW at 3600 rpm
Pressure 200 bar
Total Weight ~67 kg ~78 kg ~85 kg ~88 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 960 x 620 x 570 mm
Clipping & Wrenching working modules
Type Fast-Clip e-Clip 2 spindles with spring clip insertion
Total Weight ~102 kg ~200 kg ~112 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1700 x 1050 x 590 mm

Modular Clipping Machine

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