Blade Lining Device

22.28 For the bending and lining of switch blades during switch maintenance

  • After accidents to enable immediate running of trains until the switch blades are replaced
  • To increase or decrease the radius of the switch gauge in the area of the switch blade
  • For all commonly used flat bottom rails
  • Can be positioned for lining and removed by one person
  • Can be moved easily on the rail
  • The high bending force of 250 kN allows all types of bending work on the switch blade
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Drive Hand pump 2-step
Max. operating pressure 700 bar
Max. compressive force 250 kN
Max. vertical travel 150 mm
Hydraulic oil HLP 46/ 1.3 l
Dimensions (L x W x H) 930 x 125 x 500 mm
Total Weight ~74 kg

Blade Lining Device

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