ROGRIND Switch 2.0 Special Offer

SALE Rail and Switch Grinding Machine

13.62 Universal grinding from Rail to Switch. Order until Nov. 15th 2019 and receive 10 cup wheels for free! More info in download area.

  • Wide range of applications
  • High grinding and working qualitiy
  • Intuitive operation
  • Continuosly adjustment of track gauge
  • Twist-resistant due to strong, closed frame
  • Constant grinding due to additional guide rollers
ROGRIND P2 Switch 2.0 ROGRIND P4 190 Switch 2.0
Drive 2-stroke petrol engine 4-stroke petrol engine
Type Minsel 165 ROBEL 190
Output approx. 5.0 kW at 4500 rpm approx. 5.0 kW at 4000 rpm
Outside diameter 125 mm 125 mm
Max. swivel range Inside / outside (80 / 20) ˚
Grinding disc speed ~4500 rpm rpm ~4200 rpm rpm
Dimensions working settings (L x W x H) ~2080 x 1160 x 1160 mm
Dimensions transport settings (L x W x H) ~1650 x 1160 x 790 mm
Total Weight ~126 kg ~126 kg
Gauge 1000 - 1676 mm

SALE Rail and Switch Grinding Machine

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