Welding Joint Grinding Machine

13.45 WBF The compact grinding machine for an even more convenient operation.

  • Tool-free adjustment of turning resistance
  • Easy change of cup wheel due to quicklock
  • Integrated handles for easy transport
  • Individually adaptable to right-hand and left-hand version
  • Universal use for all common rail types
P4 3.0
Drive 4-stroke petrol engine
Type ROBEL 190
Output 5 kW at 4200 rpm
Roller spacing 850 mm
Infeed depth of grinding spindle continuously adjustable 0 – 70 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1070 x 500 x 810 mm
Total Weight ~ 59,5 kg
Grinding wheels
for railhead width up to 75 mm for railhead width up to 120 mm (optional) cup wheel for frog grinding (optional)
Outside diameter 125 mm 150 mm 90 mm
Inside diameter 56 mm 55 mm 55 mm
Height 65 mm 60 mm 65 mm
Max. wrenching speed 7640 rpm 6350 rpm 10600 rpm

Welding Joint Grinding Machine

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