Rail Web Grinding Machine

13.03 For derusting and grinding of the rail web to enable a continuous current flow of the flash welder or to prepare an insulated rail joint.

  • Accurately adjustable grinding angle
  • Rotatable protective hood in front of grinding wheel
  • Rollers made of insulated material
  • Transverse travelling gear for easy travel and positioning of the machine
Drive 4-stroke petrol engine Electric motor 400 V/50 Hz
Type HONDA GX 270
Output 6.3 kW at 3600 rpm 4 kW /50 Hz at 2900 rpm
Grinding disc speed 4500 rpm 3600 rpm
Profile grinding wheel for rails from S49
Outside diameter 135 mm
Inside diameter (holder) 25,4 (1")
Height 90 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Machine 1800 x 600 x 1100 mm
Travelling gear 1850 x 530 x 200 mm
Weight transverse travelling gear ~25 kg ~25 kg
Weight machine ~95 kg ~98 kg

Rail Web Grinding Machine

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