Rail Drilling Machine

10.35 For more efficient drilling of flat bottom and grooved rails, also on free rail ends and in switch areas. Faster and safer handling due to mostly automated operations.

  • Robust spiral drill technology
  • Automatic drill feed
  • Quick-clamping device
  • Automatic height adjustment of drill, even for worn rails
  • Indicator identifies the centre of the bore in longitudinal rail direction
  • Fast drill bit feed and return
Drive Air-cooled 4-stroke petrol engine Electric motor, 3-phase
Type Honda GXV 160 400 V, 50 Hz
Output 3.2 kW at 3600 rpm 2.7 kW at 2850 rpm
Max. drill spindle speed 62 rpm 59 rpm
Drilling time (automatic feed) approx. 90 s
Drill mounting of drill spindle Morse taper MK4
Max. drill diameter for rail web tensile strength 1000 N/mm² 40 mm
Smallest distance between rail end and drill hole 40 mm
Smallest distance between rail heads in switch areas 55 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 920 x 560 x 540 mm
Total Weight ~66 kg ~68 kg

Rail Drilling Machine

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